Playlist RADIO JAMAICA (12) 07.07.2010
Clancy Collins & Lester Sterling: Sir Collins Special
Owen Gray: I Will Be Waiting
Lester Sterling: Lester Sterling 67
Roy Shirley: Music Field
Owen Gray: Rock It Down
Bob Stackie: Grab It, Hold It, Feel It
Lester Sterling, Dan Simmonds, Clancy Collins: Three Wise Men
Rico, J. Satch & C. Collins: Shock Steady
Glen Adams: I´m Shocking
Dan Simmonds: Way Out Sound
Glen Adams: Cool Cool Rocksteady
Glen Adams: Grab A Girl
Owen Gray: I´m So Lonely
Owen Gray: I´m Going To Take You Back
Bob Stackie: Bob Stackie In Soho
Clancy Collins & Bob Stackie: Sock It Softly
Owen Gray: Collins Greetings
Uniques: People Rocksteady
Alva Lewis: Return Home
Owen Gray: Girl I Will Be Leaving
Owen Gray: Am Satisfy
Lord Charles: J.A. Island Sound
Lord Charles: Jamaican Bits And Pieces
Lloyd Charmers: Dread Man Special

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Clancy Collins Interview: Sir Collins in Session.